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Welcome to Best In Show Entry Service, your number one choice for efficient, economical and reliable entry submittal.  We have been providing our professional services since 1989 for over 100,000 dogs and over 20,000 clients.  Over the years we have processed millions of entries and strive to provide the best possible service available.  We provide entry submittal for American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club dog shows. We process entries for Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Agility events.  We can take entries for all Show Superintendents and Show Secretaries.  We are able to take entries up until the day of closing for all Show Superintendents and most of the Show Secretaries.  Not only do we provide the best service for entry submittal, we also provide pre-reserved overnight parking and pre-reserved grooming reservations, where these arrangements are available.  Please read below for further information and fees.

Entry Information:
We process entries for the American Kennel Club and most Canadian Kennel Clubs. We make entries to all Show Superintendents and all Show Secretaries (providing adequate time is given).  This includes All Breeds, Specialties, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials and Rally Trials.

Closing Day Entries:

We take entries on the day of closing for all Show Superintendents and Show Secretaries that will accept faxed/emailed entries.  We are able to enter most shows up until the last thirty minutes of closing. Please be aware that some Show Secretaries do not take last minute entries by fax or email, so entries to these shows need to be made with our company by 12:00pm the day prior to closing to allow for overnight delivery. Most shows will close Wednesday at 12:00pm in their respectable time zones across the United States.

Entry Submittal:
We are able to accept entries through our website, email and fax as long is it includes the necessary information to process your entry. It is the client's responsibility to verify that Best In Show Entry Service has received your online, e-mailed or faxed entry. Even though it appears that your entry has been submitted to us, that does not guarantee that we have received anything. At anytime an internet provider or phone line can be down or damaged and may result in a un-sent or miss-sent message.

Show Superintendent & Show Secretary Fax Fee:
This fee is charged by the Show Superintendent or Show Secretary in order for them to receive a faxed/emailed entry. This fee ranges from $2.00-$5.00 per dog per show or class, depending on the Show Superintendent or Show Secretary (this is not a Best In Show fee). We stop taking entries for our Fed-ex delivery at 12:00pm MST the day before closing. All entries received after 12:00pm MST the day before closing, will need to be faxed or emailed to the appropriate company. You will then be charged the Fax Fee that the Show Superintendent or Show Secretary charges.

Parking & Grooming Information:
We make overnight parking reservations and grooming reservations at most show sites, where these arrangements are available. In order to do parking reservations we need your vehicle information. Most shows require the vehicle type (class A, class C, travel trailer, box van, etc.), length, width, slide outs, license plate number and electrical requirements.

Declined Credit Card Information:
We will no longer make entries on any account that is in arrears. We reserve the right to cancel any entries that are not paid in full before the closing date. We will make every effort to contact a client before canceling an entry for a declined credit card. If you cannot be contacted your entries may be cancelled at our discretion. If you have any doubts please check with us to make sure that your credit card and expiration date are valid. If your credit card is missing, stolen or compromised, please contact us as soon as possible to remove this card from your account and give us a replacement. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Duplicate Entry Information:
Due to the large amount of entries that we process daily we cannot be responsible for duplicate entries called in by handlers and/or owners. Please check with your handler before making any entries if you are not sure, or ask us to check if the dog has already been entered.

When you receive a confirmation from Best In Show Entry Service by fax, mail or email, it is your responsibility to verify the information that is sent to you is correct BEFORE entries close. We verify all telephone entries at the end of the conversation to be sure all entries are correct. If there is a discrepancy with any entry you must contact our office immediately to correct it before the show closes, after which time we cannot make any changes per AKC rules.

Although we make every effort to get in every entry we cannot guarantee any entry. There are many factors that are out of our control, such as; limited show entry, shipping delays, bad weather, power outages, downed phone/internet lines, etc. We do treat every entry, whether it is for a small specialty or the largest of all breeds, just as important as the next. We do everything in our company's power to get in every single entry that we process.

Our fees are as follows:
Annual Membership Fee: $15.00 Includes an itemized monthly mailing of your account summary that is mailed the last day of each month.
Best In Show Processing Fee: $5.00 Per dog per show.
Superintendent Fax Fee: $2.00-$5.00 Per dog/per show depending on what the Show Superintendent/Show Secretary fees are to receive the fax (these are not our fees to fax an entry).
Cancellation/Class Change Fee: $5.00 Per dog per show.
Parking & Grooming Fee: 10% Of the parking or grooming fee (minimum of $5.00 per reservation).
Declined/Delinquent Card Fee: $20.00 We reserve the right to cancel any entries that are not paid-in-full before the show closing date and time.
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